About us

DERUTEX, s.r.o. was founded in 1999. At that time, the company was owned by three shareholders – Stanislava Heraltová, Stanislav Honč and Jiří Koňas and was based in leased premises in Příbor. Since its inception, the company has specialised in custom-made metalworking. With continuous growth in turnover and in the number of employees (around 15 at that time), the management decided to purchase its own premises in 2003. The firm’s current registered office and business premises are located at the southern edge of Příbor in a direction to Kopřivnice. In 2002 DERUTEX obtained ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

The new premises provide required facilities and this has been reflected in the firm’s development, including a focus on products with a higher added value (fixtures, special-purpose machinery). In 2010, the firm saw a change in ownership after one of the shareholders left and two executive directors Stanislava Heraltová and Stanislav Honč remained. In 2014 Stanislava Heraltová became the sole executive director and owner. The firm’s turnover and number of employees is gradually increasing. In the last two years, we managed to modernise and extend our production facilities that currently provide a large production capacity. A comprehensive range of products is one of our competitive advantages.

Our main machinery includes 5-axis CNC tooling centre, 3-axis tooling centre, CNC wire-cut machine, CNC horizontal boring machine and 3D measuring machine. Our production capacity has been significantly modernised and increased through the funds from Project No. 2.2 RV03/2426 “Innovation and Development of DERUTEX’s Production Technology” under the Business and Innovations Operational Programme.

DERUTEX has become an established company in the design and manufacture of fixtures of all types, control models, special-purpose machinery and equipment, welded structures or specific parts. Our products primarily serve the automotive industry, with major customers being automotive parts manufacturers, plant manufacturers and engineering design offices. In 2014 the firm generated a turnover of approx. CZK 32 million and currently has 42 employees.

For the next years, we have set ourselves more goals that we want to achieve gradually. The main goals are the following:

  • Obtaining ISO/TS 16949 certificate for the automotive sector
  • Completing the implementation of the firm’s internal information system with a focus on production management
  • Developing brand new products in association with a university
  • Renovating and expanding the firm’s existing premises in Příbor or relocating to new premises

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